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Over the years, some patients have written about their experiences of holistic medicine that included their treatment with  Dr. Masiello. The following are examples of dedicated and caring people who have shared their experiences in a way that can benefit us all. Their books recount their stories of healing and provide us with resources and guidance in negotiating the oftentimes complex and confusing landscape of mainstream medicine and its integration with alternative medical approaches.


Uncommon Voyage 2


Uncommon Voyage by Laura Shapiro Kramer is the story of a loving mother’s quest to  intelligently integrate alternative medical approaches with conventional medicine for the treatment of her son Seth’s cerebral palsy. It is a personal story with all the risks and and challenges, twist and turns encountered when mainstream medicine doesn’t have all the  answers. It is also the story of family adjustment to life with a special needs child. Many approaches are discussed, among them homeopathy, osteopathy, physical reeducation, breath work, yoga, Feldenkrais, and behavioral optometry. Dr. Masiello was one of two osteopathic/homeopathic physicians caring for Seth for several years. In print for over 16 years and now in a second edition, Uncommon Voyage has become the quintessential guide for parenting a child with special needs. Laura Shapiro Kramer lives in NYC. She is Chairperson of the Board of Resources for Children with Special Needs and serves on the Board of Directors of New York City Outward Bound and The Creative Center for Women with Cancer. (click on the book image for more information)





The story of Share the Care by Cappy Capossela and Sheila Warnock starts in 1988 when a group of 12 women joined together to help their friend, Susan, a single working mom, with her worsening cancer. For three and a half years these kind souls,  called Susan’s Funny Family, cooked, shopped, drove her to  doctor’s appointments, managed her medications and even helped plan her daughters wedding six month’s before she passed. Susan was a patient of Dr. Masiello but he didn’t know about the efforts of this incredible group working behind the scenes. A few years later it was Dr. Masiello’s sad task to diagnose Cappy with a brain tumor, the same type of tumor that her father had been diagnosed with just two weeks before. Dr. Masiello then became a member of the group caring for Cappy called The Brain Trust. This book is more than just a how to book on organizing a group to care for a seriously ill friend or family member. It is now a charity, a model, a source of inspiration and guidance on how we can help one another not fall through the many cracks in our broken medical system. It offers training to healthcare professionals and the clergy, conducts presentations to organizations and support groups and offers help to those wishing to start their own care group. This effort, headed by Sheila Warnock is truly deserving of our support. (for more information, click on the book image)



Feeding Eden


The title of Susan Weissmann’s book, Feeding Eden: The Trials and Triumphs of A Food Allergy Family says it all. It is an engaging story about a problem that is becoming all too common – food allergies. This caring and dedicated mom struggles with a most basic question: how do you feed your child when the food you lovingly prepare can harm him?  She investigates alternative therapies, among them homeopathy and describes her experiences with Dr. Masiello and other healthcare professionals.  She explains the science behind food allergies and offers sound advice on living with food restrictions. The appendix has many useful suggestions for books, organizations and websites to help families struggling with food allergies. She blogs regularly about food allergies, parenting  and related issues. She has written for  The Huffington Post and Psychology Today.  (click on the book image for more information)