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Homeopathy and Osteopathy for Women’s Health

Since its beginning over two hundred years ago, homeopathy has been an aid and comfort to women. At every stage of a woman’s life, homeopathy has something safe, natural and effective to offer.

Help with Pregnancy

During pregnancy, when there is concern about effects of conventional medication on the fetus, homeopathy can safely treat many conditions such as fatigue, headaches, nausea, heartburn, back pain, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, urinary tract infections, insomnia, mood swings and anxiety. Serious conditions such as a threatened miscarriage can also be helped with homeopathy. Osteopathy can help with the aches and pains associated with the structural changes that occur during pregnancy. Osteopathic manipulative treatment during pregnancy can help promote a speedy and healthy birthing process. Every new born in my practice is offered a free osteopathic structural evaluation and first treatment.

Post-Partum Support

Homeopathy and osteopathy help during the post-partum period as well. Concerns such as exhaustion, soreness, healing episiotomies or tears, and depression can be treated with these modalities. Lactation issues such as problems with insufficient milk production, cracked nipples or mastitis can be treated without resorting to conventional drugs.

Girl’s Health

During childhood, both these modalities offer parents a way to promote healthy physical, mental and psychological development in their children. As girls transition to adolescence, concerns such as acne, delayed onset of the first menstrual period, painful periods or premenstrual syndrome can be addressed with an integral approach. Structural and performance concerns of women athletes and dancers are frequently addressed in my practice.


The transition through menopause can be a challenging time for women, especially since the safety and efficacy of hormone replacement therapy has been questioned. Through life-style changes, osteopathic manipulation and homeopathic prescribing, many women are able to achieve a more restful night and a more energetic day. My goal is not to suppress what is a natural physiological function but to allow my patients to accommodate to this life change without becoming ill.

Ancestral Issues

Homeopathy and osteopathy as an integrated approach seeks to promote health and longevity. The detailed history-taking and symptom descriptions needed for homeopathy lead to an insight about the patient’s level of health as well as tendencies toward imbalance. This appreciation of a patient’s inherited tendencies for chronic disease has been a central concept in homeopathy from the start. Homeopaths for over a hundred years have noticed patterns of disease in families and began treating these trans-generational concerns. After the layers of current health concerns are addressed, one can then begin to treat on the level of predisposition and delay or prevent the appearance of life threatening diseases such as cancer. It is possible to see, through the expression of a patient’s current and past symptoms, the tendency for something like cancer and by intervening homeopathically, modify its expression.


Breast cancer is something that concerns many woman and an integral approach can help. Although the best time to treat cancer is before it makes its appearance by treating the tendency, nevertheless, homeopathy can help. I do not recommend homeopathy as the primary treatment for cancer (there are exceptions – see the FAQ page). There hasn’t been enough research in this area to ethically offer a homeopathic alternative. However, I help patients at every step of their cancer treatment. Mental, emotional and physical reactions to chemotherapy, radiation and surgery can be helped by homeopathy, osteopathy and by changes in diet and nutritional supplementation. After treatment is completed, the homeopathic goal is to help the patient recover from the cancer treatment itself and then to treat for recurrence prevention. Homeopaths in the early twentieth century promoted the concept of stimulating a patient’s vital energy to keep a cancer at bay, thus treating cancer as a chronic disease and not a death sentence. One hundred years later, modern oncology is now coming to the same realization.


There has been some confusion regarding the benefits of mammography . Ralph Moss has published an informative series of essays about mammography and other diagnostic modalities on his website, I recommend reading his work as he represents an ethical bridge between the alternative and conventional cancer treatment communities and provides a balanced view on such issues.