ED, university professor and business consultant, New Jersey

Dr. Domenick Masiello has been my primary doctor for 20 years and is a remarkable physician with a human touch and manner which are rare and healing. Over that time, he has helped me with many conditions including flu, sinusitis, acid reflux, earache, prostatitis, allergic reactions, muscle and joint pains, asthma, impaired digestive motility, herpes and more. The kind of medicine Dr. Masiello practices is superior to that provided by regular physicians in three main dimensions: lower cost, less intrusive, and better curing. The first is dramatically lower costs because he replaces expensive drugs, tests, and surgical and other procedures with low costs remedies and osteopathic manipulation. Second, the treatments are less invasive and debilitating because his remedies and manipulation do not cause side effects and are designed to cure and not just treat symptoms. Third, his individualized care is more effective than the “one size fits all” approach of drug prescribing because he deals with my whole unique person and conditions. He spends much time with me when I am sick to understand fully what is going on before he decides on what treatment to use.Let me provide three examples to illustrate what I have said.

The first cure Dr. Masiello did is still unforgettable after 20 years. From my teens for 25 years, I had worn special shoes or prosthetics because, as orthopedists and chiropractors told me, my right leg was shorter than my left and my hips were malformed. These caused severe pain in my back which required frequent, sometimes weekly treatments. I met with Dr. Masiello who took the most thorough medical history and exam I ever had. He gave me one, and I mean one, treatment using his osteopathic percussor and adjusted my hips. He then told me to throw away my prosthetics. I was skeptical but walked out of his office with nothing in my shoes that day and ever since.  For me, the freedom from pain and also from high costs for treatment was just short of a miracle.

A second condition was more threatening. After a bout of viral bronchitis, I developed the known but uncommon post-viral bronchial hyper-reactivity syndrome which involves severe asthma and Gerd. Lung doctors diagnosed it and prescribed medicines and a few steroid and other inhalers. Even with all those, I spent much time in bed and my ability to work was jeopardized. Dr. Masiello did his thorough review of my symptoms and began a course of homeopathic remedies and osteopathic manipulations. I was able to stop the inhalers and other medicines which were causing their own problems. While it took months for this condition to totally clear as predicted by all physicians, I was able to keep working, avoided side effects from medicines, and reduced the costs for my cure substantially. Normally, there is a high rate of reoccurrence with standard treatment; I have had no reoccurrences after 3 years with two brutal winters.

The third condition I will speak to was impaired gastric motility, specifically chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction (CIP). The condition lasted 6 months. Much to my own embarrassment, I sent much of that time under the care of an internists and a gastroenterologist.  During the period they administered costly tests, a CAT scan, endoscopy, and hemoculture. The cause of the condition is not known, nor are there any effective treatments other than drugs that only sometimes work. The pain was excruciating at times and I lost weight because the pain was brought on by eating. Dr. Masiello again used a combination of remedies and manipulation to help stop the impaired motility completely. Recently, after a five year hiatus, the condition returned but we were able to more quickly recognize and stop the condition with little costs and impact on my life and work.

I strongly recommend Dr. Masiello; hopefully he will be my doctor as long as I live or he continues his practice