JS, educator, Easton, CT

I began seeing Dr. Masiello in 2014 upon the glowing recommendation of a friend who has been his patient for over twenty years. I felt I was a collection of medical issues, each one being treated by a well-intentioned expert. I needed a doctor who would see me as a whole person wanting to LEARN and be a partner in my own health care. Dr. Masiello is that guy!

With Dr. Masiello, I feel energized because he includes me as a valued partner. He takes the time to listen, assess my symptoms in relation to the whole me, and gives me options. I feel comfortable asking questions, even if sometimes they may be dumb ones.

I have obtained much relief from a chronic leg problem and misaligned skeleton from an auto accident 40 years ago and am on a much better eating and exercising regimen. Recently my orthopedist scheduled me for a knee operation under general anesthesia and offered no other alternatives. Dr. Masiello helped me develop a much more thorough understanding of my situation, including alternatives. I decided to take a more conservative approach and cancelled the surgery. The knee continues to improve. Seeing Dr. Masiello in New York City would not be possible for me, so I feel especially fortunate that he sees patients in Connecticut too.