MM, Hackensack New Jersey

I have been a patient of Dr. Masiello since 2002 , he has successfully treated my seasonal allergy symptoms, my allergic reaction to pollen reduced to ten to twenty percent  compared to what I used to suffer before seeing him. In the middle of 2014 after my dermatologist told me that your psoriasis has no cure and you have to learn to live with it, I looked at myself feeling horrible, my legs, my arms, my hands all affected, I called Dr. Masiello and asked if he can treat my psoriasis, the answer was yes, treatment started somewhere in the middle of 2014, and todays date is December 2015, the only psoriasis spot left  on my body, is on my left leg and its as big as 25 cent. I am very happy . I would recommend Dr. Masiello’s unique approach to healing . Dr. Masiello is a true caring healer.