NA, dancer/ choreographer/ filmmaker, New York, NY

I became Dr. Masiello’s patient in 1995. My husband joined me shortly after.I arrived with many discomforting and seemingly unrelated conditions including, depression, allergies, joint pain, frequent upper respiratory infections and frequent constipation among others. Like many people, I was frustrated with the specialization of medicine that seemed to cause as many conditions as it “cured”. Dr. Massiello diagnosed and successfully treated me for Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, a condition that was responsible, in large part, for many of my presenting symptoms. He was also the leading member of the international healing team that diagnosed and successfully treated me for a large, invasive desmoid tumor in my left hip, a rare condition with which allopathic medicine has had very little success and seemingly less interest.  Over all these many years and through many healing crises, both my husband and I have depended on Dr. Masiello’s expert knowledge, dedication, creativity, perseverance and care. He is a true healer. We’re so glad we found him.