RB, management consultant, Ridgefield, CT

Shoulder and Knee Pain - Dr. Dom applied both Osteopathic treatments and Homeopathic remedies for shoulder pain that I had prior to a 15 day, 250 mile hike in 2014. His treatments were successful and I was able to complete the journey and return home pain free.  This was after first consulting an orthopedic surgeon who wanted to administer a series of Synvisc injections that I refused.  He told me that if I did the hike I would be in such pain that I would need to be hospitalized. Shoulder Surgery - Dr. Dom applied Homeopathic remedies pre and post operation.  Although the surgeon, and everyone I knew who had similar surgery, warned me about intense pain the first 2-3 days, I was only on pain meds for 10 hours post-surgery.  I also formed a clot in my calf after surgery that traditional medicine treated with blood thinners, which do not dissolve the clot.  Dr. Dom gave me a Homeopathic remedy to break down the clot and it was mostly gone after three weeks. This will shorten my time on blood thinning meds.  During the entire process, he also advised me on what to ask my doctors so I could be better informed to advocate for myself.  Dr. Dom also stressed that his treatments are supplemental to traditional medicine, not a replacement, but they did limit the amount of pharmaceutical drugs that I had to take.