RJN, music professor, Forest Hills, NY

I have known Dr Masiello a little over 25 years, the first time as an observer. He treated my 3-yr-old daughter for a middle-ear infection. Seeing him was an act of desperation on my part; she had been visiting her pediatrician once every month or so and would receive yet another prescription for Amoxicillin. By that time, I had been reading about the dangers of the overuse of antibiotics and how conventional MDs were ignoring the most recent advice and continuing to write more and more prescriptions. Dr Masiello examined my daughter, gave her a dose of Belladonna in a super-dilute potency; it solved the middle ear problem within the hour. He said that it would probably occur again in a month or two, and then we should return. It did, we returned, and he gave my daughter a dose of Pulsatilla; the infection never recurred.I was raised by a physics teacher who was an active member of the American Association for the Advanced of Science (AAAS) and I was fairly certain homeopathy should not work—and yet, it seemed to anyway. Is placebo effect active in a 3-yr-old child? All I could tell was that something happened that completely interfered with my worldview and I wasn’t very happy about it. Yet, I was sufficiently curious that I made an appointment with Dr Masiello a couple of months later. “Ineffectual straining” in the bathroom in the morning was the issue, something that—at the time—had plagued me for close to two decades. I received Natrum Muriaticum, (table salt, something that one would think should have no medicinal value!) and my problem seemed mysteriously to disappear. Since then, I have seen Dr Masiello for issues including influenza, benign vascular tumors, pneumonia and, most recently, an autoimmune disorder. In each instance, I visited the doctor and, within reasonable time periods, each of these conditions had been successfully addressed, curing some and modulating others, making them manageable and almost unnoticeable. I had generally been told by conventional physicians, particularly about the latter group of ailments, that I would require surgery or unending prescriptions for steroids, neither of which I believed to be safe. In each case, Dr Masiello depended on his considerable clinical experience, his broad knowledge of science and medicine, and common sense. Dr Masiello is a “real” doctor, by the way: if necessary, he will write prescriptions and has done so for me more than once. Sometimes one just needs an allopathic prescription! I have always found my interactions with Dr Masiello to be positive ones. The doctor is smart, remarkably well read on any number of varied subjects, and quite responsive to the special needs of his patients, even to the point of encouraging telephone follow-up “visits” when necessary. I cannot imagine what the past few decades would have been like without having known the good doctor and, actually, prefer not to consider what the alternative scenarios might have looked like!