RR, publisher, New York, NY

I have been a patient of Dr. Masiello since 1995 and ascribe my ongoing excellent health to both his homeopathic expertise as well as his osteopathic practice. I came to Dr. Masiello with a variety of chronic ailments including acid reflux, hemorrhoids, dandruff, rashes, back pain, anger and anxiety issues. I was impressed from the beginning by his holistic approach, his recognition of the entire context of my being, the time that he spent with me, his encyclopedic knowledge of homeopathic remedies and their efficacy, his creative insights. He helped me change my expectation of outcomes, shifting from the quick fix of the symptom-suppressing over the counter medicines to the slower, long term and more root-effective outcomes that come with homeopathy. I visit Dr. Masiello regularly, not simply when I have an issue but in a preventative modality: he literally stops me from getting sick. Dr. Masiello can spend over an hour per visit treating the nexus of body, mind, spirit that is you. Who else in the world of health care in the 21st century will give you this kind of attention?