SG, Queens, NY

How do I sing the praise of someone as amazingly dedicated and giving as Dr. Masiello? Well, I guess I’ll start with my most recent problem, which was, note the “was,” Thyroiditis, Hyper-Thyroid.  This was a very serious inflammation of my Thyroid gland.  Statistically, most people’s thyroid would likely burn itself out and they would then need to take the synthetic hormone Synthroid, to replace the missing hormones of their no longer functioning Thyroid gland for the rest of their lives. Instead, over the course of several months and a few homeopathic remedies and several office visits to Dr. Masiello,  my thyroid gland healed, and is again functioning normally. I did not develop any antibodies to my own thyroid so I don’t need further treatment for that. Dr. Masiello is a caring and concerned physician.  He doesn’t just treat you or think about you while you are in front of him.  He will “work” on your case to help you heal and become a whole, healthier person. I began going to Dr. Masiello many years ago for chronic sinus infections, which I had suffered from for many years.  Over the course of time he helped my body unravel its long and tiresome history of allergies, ear infections, colds, hives, warts, migraine headaches and other maladies which have plagued me since childhood, and defined my stressed-out health profile. In 2008, I had a fever of unknown origin.  Every day for three solid months, except perhaps 1 hour a day, I had a fever.  It started at around 104.5 and stayed there for over a week.  My resting heart rate was 120 beats per minute. I had to hold on to walls to walk.  I saw two or three allopathic doctors a day several times a week for the duration of the fever.  I was going to every kind of allopathic doctor you can think of to try and figure out what it was.  Dr. Masiello was able to treat my fever.  Over the course of the three months my fever would come down slightly incrementally. In an effort to try to diagnose and treat me, my internist had me scheduled for a liver biopsy, and even suggested I have my spleen removed. The evening before the liver biopsy I began showing signs of disorientation. My husband spoke with Dr. Masiello and he told my husband that I didn’t need a liver biopsy, I needed to see a neurologist, right away. Dr. Masiello was right. Today, I still have my spleen, and no liver biopsy was needed. At the end of 12 weeks my fever was gone, but my resting heart rate was still 120 beats per minute. I went to a second cardiologist and an MRI showed that I had myocarditis, an inflammation of one of the layers of my heart.  The cardiologist put me on heart medication to slow my heart down, and steroids for a time to fight the inflammation.  All the while Dr. Masiello continued to treat me for the various findings. The cardiologist wanted me to stay on the heart medication the rest of my life.  I felt awful on it.  I always felt like there was something tightly holding my heart.  Dr. Masiello treated me with several remedies over the course of time, I believe at different potencies and I was weaned off of the heart medication completely.  My resting heart rate now is between 68-76. While my husband and I could not contact my allopathic doctor many times, because he was off that day, or it was not during office hours, Dr. Masiello was always there to answer our questions, quiet our fears and guide us as to what needed to be done. He was available 24/7 whenever I, or my husband needed him. He was the only doctor I saw who was genuinely concerned and responsive to our needs. Dr. Masiello is on our team. Dr. Masiello has also treated my children and my grandchildren for various illness over the course of their lives; strep throat, sinus infections, mononucleosis. My daughter was in the spring semester of her senior year in college and was accepted into law school for the following fall semester, when she developed mononucleosis.  On a Monday, the allopathic doctor said that her liver and spleen were swollen to twice the size they should normally be.  He took her blood and said I had to take her home and not let her go out, because if she fell she could rupture her spleen or her liver.  She couldn’t even swallow her own saliva, that’s how much her throat hurt. When the blood test came back by the end of the day, it confirmed that she did indeed have mononucleosis.  I was supposed to take her back to the allopathic doctor the following Monday for a follow-up blood test. The next morning, Tuesday, I took her to Dr. Masiello.  He gave her some remedies that she was supposed to take over the course of the next few days. The following week, on Monday, when I took my daughter back to the allopathic doctor he took her blood and said he’d call as soon as the results were back.  He called by the end of the day and said, “Well, miracles do happen.”  She could go back to school and finish out her spring semester.  Had she not been treated homeopathically for the mononucleosis she would have lost the approximately 6 weeks of classes and not been able to start law school that fall. Dr. Masiello has helped to treat me for cancer, too.  He has guided me through to being a healthier person and because of that a happier person.